About Us

Personalizing your IKEA® experience 

 Who we are :

We are not affiliated with IKEA®. We are a small hardworking crew in Central Pennsylvania who will get your  IKEA® delivered and installed for you. Simply shop for  IKEA® products in our website and order what you like. We will be travelling to  IKEA®, Baltimore to pick your order.   While we also like  IKEA® products, spending a whole day (6 hours on road, 3 hours in store) is not practically possible for us. That's where this idea was born. Also, when more people order from same area, our delivery fees will be coming down. So please spread the word.  

Our Fees

The product cost will be exactly what you pay in store. The shipping charge will be  $69 flat fee. While IKEA® charges $129 shipping charge for a $500 sofa if you get it shipped from www.ikea.com. Our installation charges varies by product but will be reasonable if you do not want to go through the installation hassle.

But we will be going to IKEA, Baltimore every other Friday to pick orders. This is to make sure our time, truck expenses are covered. But if we get more orders, we will be able to pick them every day too. So please spread the word in neighborhood who likes modern furniture/home collection for economical price.  

When you checkout, you have options. 
Choose your level of shipment by either selecting Furnitz's ship to warehouse for in-store pick up option (Due to COVID-19, this option is temporary unavailable) or home delivery option where we'll deliver your order to your home or workplace and even bring it inside at no additional cost. If the thought of putting flat-pack furniture together makes you panic, we can also assemble and install anything from your order.   

Save the road trip for an actual vacation. Furnitz brings your flat-packs home.

Some of the biggest complaints from customers who order IKEA® products directly from IKEA.com are that their online customer service is non-existent (2-hour wait times to speak with a customer service representative) and that if anything goes wrong with the shipment of an order (products arrive damaged, missing or late) it is like climbing a mountain to get help. This is where Furnitz excels. Since we are a small company whose reputation depends on serving our customers well, we have designed our services to actually serve you instead of being served by you.

Furnitz offers personalized service by being available.
Our team is here to answer any questions about products, rates or services via phone, email or online chat with no automated system of numbers and extensions for you to get lost in. Don’t believe us? Call our offices at 717-220-3417 to speak with a jovial team member. If you prefer email, just drop us a line at contactus@Furnitz.com and we’ll be there to help.

Furnitz offers personalized service by providing multiple ways to place your order.
We’ve developed custom software to make online ordering of your products with Furnitz simple, however if online is not your forte, you have options with Furnitz. You may call, email or use our online chat option to speak with a team member and receive assistance in placing your order.

Furnitz offers personalized service by being here for you after the sale.
When you order with Furnitz we guarantee all the products you receive from us to be free from damage or defect. If you ever receive a product that is damaged or defective we will promptly ship replacement parts or a completely new item on our next scheduled shipment. Also, if the products you ordered don’t turn out to be what you hoped for we make it simple to return anything with no questions asked.